I would like to develop a game for Atari 2600. I will develop this game on my Mac, although my goal is to get the game running on a real 2600 and potentially even have a real cartridge made.

I have a basic idea in my mind. The game will essentially be an infinite running game based based on my dog Archie and his dreams where he runs in his sleep. “Archie’s Dream Run” will essentially be an infinite runner, where the player has to collect objects and power ups and avoid obstacles which will hinder progress worse wake him up. There will be a special “dream run mode” (think REM) where the game speed will increase and the player will be able earn extra points while playing the game at high speed for as long as they are able.

I am pretty much starting from scratch here. I have developed games in the past, never for the Atari and never in 6502 assembly language.

This list will evolve over time but here are the steps I intend to take.

  1. find an emulator and ASM compiler I can run on my mac book pro.
  2. get a hello world running on the emulator
  3. get a sprite on the screen
  4. get the sprite animated
  5. get the sprite moving with the joystick
  6.  . . .

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