Convert a bathroom mirror in to a Bluetooth Speaker.

My bathroom mirror has a light inside of it. The bulb went and so I opened up the mirror to replace the it. Once opened I realised there were a huge amount of empty space and I thought about adding a bluetooth speaker set up inside.

It took me about 2 days to complete the project but in practice it took me about 2 weeks as I had to order and wait for parts.

These are the parts I used:

  • single sided strip board. here
  • bluetooth receiver here
  • 3w amplifier here
  • speakers
  • enclosure here
  • 5v power supply here
  • 2 pin PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block Connector here
  • 4 pin PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block Connector here
  • general wires
  • solder
  • bathroom mirror (with enough space in the void to house the parts)
  • cable ties
  • double sizes sticky pads
  • sugru here


I used these tools:

  • drill
  • hole saw
  • various drill bits
  • metal file
  • soldering iron
  • screw drivers

First thing I  decided to do was to change the string pull switch to a contactless touch sensor switch. This was very easy I purchased this.


So the first thing I needed to do was wire up the bluetooth and 3w amplifier. I decided to use project board for the circuit and surface mount terminal connectors for the power supply connection and the speaker wire connectors.


This g




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