Repair AMRAM-16 Amiga 512k memory expansion

I received this AMRAM-16 512k memory / ram expansion for Amiga 500 series inside an Amiga I purchased of ebay. The Amiga has really bad battery corrosion damage on the board and I am going to refurbish that as part of a separate project.

This card was not working when I tested it in another working Amiga.

I considered binning it as it’s probably only worth ¬£20 but thought I would see if it could be fixed easily.

Despite the green signs of corrosion from the Amiga being on the connector pins of the ram expansion the board looked to be in good condition at first glance.


However a little closer inspection near that capacitor showed it was very grubby and potentially leaking itself.

So I switched it out and gave the board a little cup with some rubbing alcohol.

Another quick test in an amiga and success!

Quite happy with that for 15mins of effort and a 2p capacitor.

Now I know it works I will clean up the rest of the green in the pins.

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