Sega Mega Drive 2: Clean up and Rattle fix

I picked up a Sega Mega Drive 2, which was minging dirty and had a sort of plastic rattle inside, but still seems to work fine. I decided to give it a quick clean and to investigate the rattle.

This is my MK-1631-50 Mega Drive #430373179

So popping the case off and it’s even more grubby inside.

And the dust had worked in way in to the cartridge slot and built up on the board below. Yuk.

Anyway at this point he reason for the rattle become clear. Good news it was not something snapped off but a little green bead.

With that cleared up, i gave the board a clean up with some isopropyl alcohol.

Then set about carefully dismantling the case / buttons. There are some really small parts that can easily snap off

Then the cartridge slot can be dismantled, carefully trying not to break the springs.

Then I simply washed all of the plastic parts in soap and water in the sink.

They came up really clean but the plastic is a bit dull. I think next time I will try with a bit of plastic restorer cream.

Reassembled and looking shiny!



One thought on “Sega Mega Drive 2: Clean up and Rattle fix”

  1. Have a mega drive 2, it’s powering on but nothing on the screen,any idea what’s wrong with it.thanks

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