Simon Part 1: Create a clone of “Simon” the classic electronic toy.

As a child I loved electronic games, and one of the first I remember playing was Simon made by Milton Bradley Electronics (MB Electronics)

Details about the original game can be found here

I own one of the original Simon games, which is still in perfect working order and boxed.

Simon was a game my family played a lot at Christmas time and to this day I still fondly associate Chritmas time with playing electronic games like Simon.

This you I wanted to pay homage to christmases past and build a Simon toy clone as a gift for my family.

This was the end result and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Detailed steps of how I made it can be found via the links below.

  1. Create a clone of “Simon” the classic electronic toy.
  2. Project approach, design, intended hardware / software.
  3. Electronics / Parts / Circuit Design
  4. Setting up the software
  5. Parts, prototype, PCB assembly.
  6. Case / Enclosure.
  7. Finished Simon Toy / Conclusion / What I would do differently next time.


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