Simon Part 2: Project approach, design, intended hardware / software.

When I starting doing some research I found one hundred and one Simon games for Arduino, but I also found this link which used the LPC810.

This was appealing because I had never used the LPC810 micro controller, and this would be something interesting to learn about , however I had visualised something a little bigger and had already decided I wanted to use illuminated buttons from arcade machines to create a more faithful recreation of the original game.

The link also contained some schematics which would be the starting point for my design.

So taking inspiration from the  Hartmut Wendt design I was ready to move on to working though my Electronics and Circuit Design covered in Part 3

  1. Create a clone of “Simon” the classic electronic toy.
  2. Project approach, design, intended hardware / software.
  3. Electronics / Parts / Circuit Design
  4. Setting up the software
  5. Parts, prototype, PCB assembly.
  6. Case / Enclosure.
  7. Finished Simon Toy / Conclusion / What I would do differently next time.

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