Simon Part 6: Case / Enclosure

One of the final steps in the process was to enclose this in a case.

ABS Plastic Enclosure

Originally I intended to use a black ABS plastic case off the shelf.

I found these cases online or a few pounds and thought they would be perfect.

However when I drilled them, the cuts looked untidy and to top it off I slightly miss measured the depth meaning it was too tight for everything.

In the end I decided that I would make a custom case and ultimately decided to get a box cut from 6mm ply using a laster cutter.

Design For Laser Cutter

Getting the design for the case made was really easy.

I found an excellent website where you simply enter the dimensions of the box you desire and it will give you the drawings ready for laser cutting.

It could not be more intuitive to use.  Set the units (inches or mm), Enter the dimensions either internal or external and finally the material thickness. I used 6mm ply.

Finally you choose the joint type. I selected  finger joint but you have the choice of flat, t-slot or finger

My final design is attached. I made a small change in Adobe Illustrator and added my holes for the buttons / switch and some text.


I really love the burn lines on the ply (the smell less so), and the perfect dimensions from laser cutting mean that assembly also quick and tidy. I assembled it using a little bit of wood glue.

The Finished Case


  1. Create a clone of “Simon” the classic electronic toy.
  2. Project approach, design, intended hardware / software.
  3. Electronics / Parts / Circuit Design
  4. Setting up the software
  5. Parts, prototype, PCB assembly.
  6. Case / Enclosure.
  7. Finished Simon Toy / Conclusion / What I would do differently next time.


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