Simon Part 7: Finished Simon Toy / Conclusion / What I would do differently next time.

My clone of Simon was (almost) ready in time for Christmas,  I am delighted with the finished article.


It was a hugely rewarding  experience, forcing me to dust off a few skills I had not used since I was a child and the opportunity to learn something new.  While it took longer than I expected it was actually relatively easy to build.

The software side of things, was perfect. I am really pleased with that. I love the buttons and the finished box.

There are however a number of things I would have done differently, with the benefit of hind sight.

Battery access

In my design I have not really allowed easy access to replace the batteries. The batteries should last for ages fortunately so it will be next Christmas before anyone realises that the bottom is glued on and needs to be prized off so replace the batteries (dough!)

Transistors in the original PCB

I wish I has spotted the need for the use of the transistors in the original PCB design. Adding those made a mess of an otherwise beautiful little circuit board. 🙁

Use A ribbon connector

I wish i had used a ribbon connector on the original PCB. All those wires soldered directly on to the board are probably fragile. They took a long time to solder (I made quite a few of these for gifts) and it made the assembly cumbersome once everything was connected.

Allowed more time

Because I had a hard deadline to get these finished for Christmas I rushed a few decisions. (see above) I also had to rush the assembly so anyone who got one in time for Christmas will have got one that was assembled in a rush.

Not withstanding the above, mission accomplished. Simon clone DONE :).

  1. Create a clone of “Simon” the classic electronic toy.
  2. Project approach, design, intended hardware / software.
  3. Electronics / Parts / Circuit Design
  4. Setting up the software
  5. Parts, prototype, PCB assembly.
  6. Case / Enclosure.
  7. Finished Simon Toy / Conclusion / What I would do differently next time.


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