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Simon Part 7: Finished Simon Toy / Conclusion / What I would do differently next time.

My clone of Simon was (almost) ready in time for Christmas,  I am delighted with the finished article. Conclusion It was a hugely rewarding  experience, forcing me to dust off a few skills I had not used since I was a child and the opportunity to learn something new.  While it took longer than I expected […]

Simon Part 4: Setting up the IDE and the code / software and writing / flashing the LPC810

The LPC810 is a microcontroller from NXP, an ARM Cortex M0+ based microcontroller. NXP provide a dedicated IDE MCUXpresso which is based on Eclipse and is really easy to set up. The IDE is completely free but you need to register at their site in order tow download it. NXP main site can be found at […]

Simon Part 3: Electronics / Circuit Design

My schematic was very similar to the one suggested by with some minor changes related to the voltage regulator. Because I intended to get the PCB manufactured I needed to get some PCB design software. I used a piece of software called Fritzing which can be downloaded from for free.  Once installed, learning to […]

Simon Part 2: Project approach, design, intended hardware / software.

When I starting doing some research I found one hundred and one Simon games for Arduino, but I also found this link which used the LPC810. This was appealing because I had never used the LPC810 micro controller, and this would be something interesting to learn about , however I had visualised something a little […]

Simon Part 1: Create a clone of “Simon” the classic electronic toy.

As a child I loved electronic games, and one of the first I remember playing was Simon made by Milton Bradley Electronics (MB Electronics) Details about the original game can be found here I own one of the original Simon games, which is still in perfect working order and boxed. Simon was a game my […]